Andean Group

Andean Group
Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela

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  • Andean Group — (Grupo Andino) is a trade organization in Lima, Peru. In 1969, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru established the group by the Treaty of Cartagena. In 1973, Venezuela joined. Chile quit in 1976, as did Peru in 1992. The group created a… …   Wikipedia

  • Andean Group —   The name given to the south American countries with borders along the Andes mountains. Members are:  ■ Bolivia  ■ Colombia  ■ Ecuador  ■ Peru  ■ Venezuela …   International financial encyclopaedia

  • Andean Community — ▪ South American organization Spanish:  Comunidad Andina (CAN),  formerly (1969–97)  Andean Group        South American organization founded to encourage industrial, agricultural, social, and trade cooperation. Formed in 1969 by the Cartagena… …   Universalium

  • Andean Tinamou — Illustration by Joseph Smit, 1895 Conservation status …   Wikipedia

  • Andean Hairy Armadillo — Chaetophractus nationi Conservation status …   Wikipedia

  • Andean Small-eared Shrew — Conservation status Least Concern (IUCN 2.3) Scientific classification …   Wikipedia

  • Andean music — Street band from Peru performing El Cóndor Pasa in Tokyo Andean music comes from the general area inhabited by Quechuas, Aymaras and other peoples that lived roughly in the area of the Inca Empire prior to European contact. It includes folklore… …   Wikipedia

  • Andean Community of Nations — …   Wikipedia

  • Andean Condor — Vultur redirects here. For the birds known as vultures, see Vulture. For Vâltori village, called Vultur in Hungarian, see Zlatna. Andean Condor Temporal range: Pliocene to Recent …   Wikipedia

  • Andean peoples — ▪ South American peoples Introduction  aboriginal inhabitants of the area of the Central Andes in South America.       Although the Andes Mountains extend from Venezuela to the southern tip of the continent, it is conventional to call “Andean”… …   Universalium

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